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Chiropractor in Sydney University with Remedial Massage Therapy

A chiropractor in Sydney can help with many conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica pain, disc bulge, disc herniation, head pain, migraine, scoliosis, poor posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical radiculopathy, stiff back, spinal pain, leg pain, knee pain, piriformis syndrome, facet syndrome, sprains and other conditions that need care in Sydney. Campus Chiropractic can provide treatment wherever you need it.

Why you should come to Campus Chiropractic

Our fully qualified remedial massage therapists and chiropractors in Sydney can use Swedish, myofascial release, relaxation, pregnancy, deep tissue and sports massage as well as lymphatic drainage. Sydney's Campus Chiropractic clinic also has HICAPS rebates for chiropractic and massage. Our chiropractic in Sydney will make posture adjustments, provide treatment for back pain or undo any neck or spine problem you may have. Whatever the cause, our Campus Chiropractic in Sydney will provide treatment. Click the link below to book an appointment with us online or learn more about what our Sydney chiropractic does.

Quality-Care Chiropractors in Sydney

Are you wondering who is the best Sydney Chiropractor near me? Our chiropractor Sydney team services the inner west of Sydney and are the local chiropractor to Glebe, Darlington, Newtown, Chippendale, Broadway, Enmore, Central Park, Ultimo, Redfern, Strawberry Hills, Camperdown and Alexandria. We supply services to the University of Sydney, UTS and Notre Dame University. 

General public are welcome to Campus Chiropractic in Sydney. Come visit us at our chiropractic office today!

Best chiropractor Sydney


Chiropractic is a non surgical, non medication natural therapy that has evolved with science and techniques to provide help for many conditions directly related to the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.

Graduating after 5 years of university degrees and with continual education to stay up to date on new advances, chiropractors are health care experts to diagnose spinal and other related conditions. Chiropractors are supportive of a good working relationship with your GP to help provide you the best care available.

In New Zealand, a 1978-79 Government inquiry found that chiropractors carry out spinal diagnosis and therapy at a sophisticated and refined level; spinal manual therapy  in the hands of a registered chiropractor is safe; spinal manual therapy can be effective in relieving Musculoskeletal symptoms such as back pain and other symptoms of pain known to respond to such therapy such as migraine; and a chiropractor is the only health practitioner who are necessarily equipped by their education and training to carry our spinal manual therapy. 

A chiropractor is a primary care clinician so you don't need a referral to consult a chiropractor. Chiropractors are licensed to diagnose health conditions so with an accurate diagnosis, a chiropractor can give effective treatment. Campus Chiropractic in Sydney will provide quality treatment for your back pain, neck pain, spine problems or any other cause of pain you may have.

remedial massage Sydney


Remedial Massage Therapists must first complete a diploma and then can get registration for Private Health Fund rebates such as HICAPS and HealthPoint.

Massage often involves rubbing and delivering particular pressure on muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments. Massage therapy is when massage is used to improve someone's health on a symptomatic and / or physiological level. Remedial massage therapy is a systematic method to assess and then give targeted treatment to help with pain, relax muscles and rehabilitate injuries.

Remedial massage can also benefit emotional and mental health as it can reduce stress and anxiety.

Massage is not just a complementary or natural therapy given in massage clinics and wellness spas in Sydney. Today, hospitals are increasingly offering massage therapy to help patients manage illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and chronic pain.

Our remedial massage therapists in the University of Sydney can use techniques such as deep tissue massage, sport massage, relaxation massage, Swedish effleurage, myofascial release, pregnancy massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

sports Chiro Sydney


Chiropractors can treat sports teams and individual players. They have expertise in treating and managing injuries that are more common in sportspeople. Sportspeople are also very interested in the chiropractor's ability to improve sport performance and help prevent sports injury.

A chiro can use things such as sports taping, kinesio-taping, rehabilitation, TENS, IASTM (like Rockblade) and ART (Active Release Techniques) amongst other tools that may not get commonly used by regular practitioners.

You will find chiropractors at Olympic games, Commonwealth Games, World Games and embedded with elite sports teams like the NFL. A top sports physiologist, Dr. Sean Atkins, Ph.D., said “I would estimate that at least 90% of world class athletes use chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries and to improve their performance”.

Find out why there are so many professional athletes like Usain Bolt, Phil Heath, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth who rely on chiropractic by visiting us. If you would like a chiropractor to take care of your team then please talk to our chiropractor at your treatment.

The Orthotic Group Orthotics


It might surprise you that there are several categories of foot orthotics and within each category there are many types of orthotics.

Just like glasses, it's important to get the right diagnosis of what you need but just as important is being prescribed the best solution for your foot pain, knee pain, hip and lower back pain, flat feet etc.

We have what we consider the best orthotic devices in Sydney after reviewing all the major options. Part of this is the live, dynamic analysis using the Gaitplate to see exactly how pressure goes through your foot as you walk normally, not on a treadmill where the ground is already moving (ever notice how it's more challenging to run on the ground compared to a treadmill?).

Rest assured our foot orthotics are top of the line devices, custom made after computer assisted prescription and made at the leading worldwide laboratory in Canada with state of the art methods and proprietary materials. It makes a difference to not just get the best diagnosis but also get the best equipment to make your walking, working or sport comfortable again.

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