For a good quality of life it is essential to keep your body healthy and in top condition.

Our saying is: life is movement, things that don’t move, decay and die. So you have to keep moving and the better you can move, the harder (and smarter) you work, the easier your life can be.

Everyone knows that they should be fit and do exercise but often life gets in the way or injury holds you back or even you don’t know what you are supposed to do as safe, healthy exercise. We’re here to help you with this.

There is the old school thought on exercise and then the modern approach (let’s leave the exercise fads out for now). It used to be that you had to stretch with bouncing before exercise to prevent injury but actually the research now shows that not to be the case and in fact the stretching before exercise can reduce your speed and performance level. It used to be that you had to lift the heaviest weight in the gym, or you had to do long distance running etc etc. The good news is that modern exercise regimes work better with your body and there is a lot of emphasis on functional fitness.

So now you can exercise at home for a short period of time or join a gym to do more demanding work outs and then of course there is an army of personal trainers who can give you that extra assistance if you need it. The key things are to exercise to reduce your weaknesses first (typically these are exercises your chiropractor might give you), stretch to balance your muscle tension (these might be stretches your massage therapist gives you) and then do exercise to build strength in the functions that you need for either your life or sport.