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How Often Should You Go to a Chiropractor for Maintenance?

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November 2, 2021

It’s a common misunderstanding that chiropractic care is a one-time “cure.” It’s not. Though one-time sessions are valuable, the best way to maximize its benefits is to attend regular sessions. Think of it more like going to a gym or having 6 monthly preventative dental check ups and cleans. It needs consistency to maintain your best health results. But that begs the question, how often should you go to a chiropractor for maintenance sessions? The answer depends on several factors, such as the purpose of your treatment, the chiropractor’s diagnosis of your pain or injury, along with your current health status and lifestyle. In the beginning, you’ll typically have to go several times a week. The frequency of your sessions will likely lessen over time, usually transitioning to one maintenance session every two to four weeks.

When Do I Need a Chiropractor?

People often seek chiropractic care after experiencing pain in the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Some people also visit chiropractors for advice on diet, nutrition, exercise, and occupational or lifestyle changes to improve or maintain good neuro-musculoskeletal health. It is important to know your needs when determining how to pick a chiropractor and which Redfern chiropractor is right for you.

Pain & Injury

The primary reason people go to chiropractors is to seek treatment for recurring pain or injury. Chiropractors can provide relief to pain experienced in the neck, back, joints, muscles, ligaments, and any nearby discomforted areas by performing chiropractic manipulation (known as adjustments) to restore function to the spine.

And while some people have only consulted physiotherapists (physical therapists) to treat pain and injury, there are times when it’s better to choose a Chiropractor. Choosing between a chiropractor vs. physio depends on both the location and the type of pain or injury that needs to be treated. If your goal is to restore spinal function or to receive care specifically in the areas near or connected to the spine, then a chiropractor is your best choice for expert care and pain relief.


You don’t have to experience pain to visit a chiropractor. Whether you spend all day sitting at a desk or sweating it out doing manual labor, you can benefit from chiropractic sessions to prevent the development of any discomfort that might be caused by continued inactivity or over-activity.


People who’ve had treatment for previous pain or injury, or those who’ve visited chiropractors regularly in the past, often come back for regular maintenance sessions. These regular sessions ensure that any progress made isn’t lost and good neuro-musculoskeletal health is maintained.

How Many Chiropractic Sessions Are Needed?

The number of chiropractic sessions that you need depends on the purpose of your treatment, the diagnosis of your pain or injury, and the progress that you make after every visit. This is all affected by your current health status and lifestyle.

For patients needing urgent care for chronic pain or serious injury, expect to go to your chiropractor as much as two to three times a week for two to four weeks, then once a week for a few months after that. The same applies to patients with acute pain or minor injuries, though session frequencies are often less and reduced much faster (e.g. two sessions each for the first three weeks, then one session per week for the next month).

For patients seeking preventive chiropractic care or coming back for maintenance, sessions are less regular, with visits often limited to just once or twice a month, occasionally even further apart. The latter more likely applies if chiropractic care is complemented by other maintenance practices, such as a good diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Why Do Chiropractors Require So Many Sessions?

Chiropractic care involves re-training your spine to be moving optimally and if possible, properly aligned. And just like anything else that needs training, it has to be done consistently over time to see results. Only rarely can it all be achieved in a one-time session. This is why chiropractors require so many visits.

The first few sessions are usually dedicated to treating pain and making sure that you don’t feel any more discomfort in your day-to-day life. The next sessions focus on maximising function, proper alignment or readjusting your spine to its correct form. The tail-end of your treatment plan and any succeeding sessions are done for preventive care and maintenance.

A full treatment plan usually takes about nine to twelve sessions. Some chiropractors recommend less or more, depending on their diagnosis of your pain or injury. To make sure you’re getting the appropriate amount, make sure you know how to pick a chiropractor that’s right for you.

When Do You Stop Going to a Chiropractor?

Treatment plans tell you how many sessions you need to get better, but what happens after that? Your chiropractor may recommend follow-up check-ups or maintenance sessions, as well as diet or exercise plans after your treatment ends. It’ll be most beneficial to continue regular visits at the prescribed frequency to ensure you keep your neuro-musculoskeletal health in tip-top shape.

Time to Schedule a Chiropractic Visit

If you’re feeling any pain related to your spine, whether in your neck, back, joints, or surrounding areas, consider scheduling a visit to a Sydney chiropractor to see what can be done to treat the discomfort and get you back to performing at your best. Chiropractic care is known to provide great relief and is an ideal treatment for those who want to take special care of their neuro-musculoskeletal health. For further reading, check out our other articles like First Time At a Chiropractor, What to Expect.


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