You can live to eat or eat to live, but definitely nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

It’s no secret we have a nutritional problem in the developed world. 30 years ago the developed world was feeling so sorry for Africans starving from malnutrition but these days Africans might look at the 60% of the developed world that is overweight or obese and feel so sorry for us that we are so unhealthy from our poor nutrition.

So what happened? Well the industrialisation of the food industry and the rise of supermarkets coupled with marketing has changed the landscape literally. Small local food suppliers have reduced in numbers and many more people can only access food from a supermarket. The supermarket needs to sell things for low prices so they buy from an agriculture provider that uses mass farming techniques that don’t focus on the taste and especially the nutrition as compared to the look and cost of the farmed produce. Additionally there is so much processed food that is generally too high in fat (and the wrong type of fat too), salt and especially too high in sugar. These 3 ingredients have been recommended to change for years but there hasn’t been a political party yet to mandate the healthiness of processed food. So what can you do about it?

This is the part where we say organic is better but then most people say it’s too expensive. Fair enough but the saying goes that “you can pay your farmer now or pay your surgeon later”. Also the more that people buy organic the more organic food will be grown which then means the price will start to come down and be more manageable.

Even if you do go organic and especially if you don’t, there are extra things that you can incorporate in your diet to be healthier. These are the wellness products, the foods rich in elements such as antioxidants, healthy fats, protein that is ideal for your body to use and herb or medicinal type food to add a layer of healing in your lifestyle.

And when it comes to weight loss, often there are complex breakdowns in body mechanisms when someone is obese so at that stage just eating less salt and sugar is often not enough. There are ways to make big changes to kickstart your weight loss before you are safe to exercise without injury. To see more of that you need to get involved in the adore life weight loss service.