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Remedial massage therapy near Newtown at Sydney Uni helps neck arthritis pain

By campuschiropractic

February 1, 2015

Remedial massage therapy near Newtown at Sydney Uni helps neck arthritis pain

Our chiropractor clinic near Newtown offers remedial massage therapy to osteoarthritis neck pain sufferers. Neck pain can take its toll on people who suffer it. Unfortunately most people with neck arthritis (principally osteo arthritis of the neck) are bound to get neck pain sometimes if not always along with stiffness of their neck rotation.

A review of the research on the effects of massage therapy on neck arthritis pain gives varying results  depending on the dose level, and it is also based on self report. To address this, a 2014 study showed the effect of remedial massage with registered remedial massage therapists for neck arthritis sufferers. In that study an attempt was made to enhance the effects of weekly massage therapy by having the participants massage themselves daily. And in addition to self reports on pain, range of motion of the neck and the associated pain were assessed before and after the first massage session and pre and post the last session one month later.

The Results of Remedial Massage on Neck Pain

The massage group showed significant short-term reductions in pain after the first and last day of massages in measurements of self reported pain and in range of motion associated pain. There was also an increase in their neck range of motion. Comparisons to the control group on the last versus the first day data suggested significantly better changes including increased range of motion and reduced range of motion associated pain for the massage therapy group. These changes occurred specifically for right and left lateral flexion as well as flexion of the neck.

The reserach showed the importance of designing massage therapy protocols that target the most affected neck muscle groups which is what a good massage therapist will do. Comparisons with other studies also suggest that moderate pressure may contribute to the massage effects, and the use of daily self-massages between sessions may sustain the effects and serve as a cost-effective therapy for individuals with neck arthritis pain.

In our clinic near Newtown the chiropractor is also valuable to add to these benefits by helping to address the actual osteoarthritis in the cervical spine. With this correction plus the remedial massage therapist services for Newtown community family members you can get the best of both worlds to help prevent the neck arthritis worsening as well as managing the pain.

Field T, Diego M, Gonzalez G, Funk CG. Neck arthritis pain is reduced and range of motion is increased by massage therapy. Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2014 Nov;20(4):219-23.

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