Remedial Massage Therapy Testimonials

I LOVE the massage at this place. I started recently with Mariko and her service is flawless. How she can be both gentle and strong at the same time I can't figure out but she's also incredibly knowlegable about her work, intuitive, listens very carefully, and targets the key areas immediately. It's not just a "feel good" massage, it's very effective and focused on solving problems, aches and tensions. She also gives great tips on little exercises to do to assist with healing in between massages. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. I also really really appreciate that the massage tables they have are a league above any other place I've been, as you can adjust the head part downwards so that your neck is not strained. Every other massage place I've been, as much as the massage helps, I end up with my neck and jaw tight from facing down the whole time into a whole that's not quite right. This adjustable thing removes that problem. As a bonus, I hear they have heated beds for the winter 😀 Can't wait to try that one.

Dorian P Client

The team in here at the Sydney University campus are very friendly and have an in depth discussion with you before any adjustments are made. I've seen the chiropractor here and he's been professional ...   ... Also, being a gym goer, the girls that do the massages are very strong considering their small size! Again they listened to what areas were sore and did what was needed. A bonus is that if you have the chiro adjust you first, they mention to the massage therapist ares they've just worked on so that the massage complements your treatment...   ... These guys are in a convenient location - a short bus trip to Sydney University within the shop area, close to the hairdressers in the uni shopping arcade. Pretty easy to get to! If you are going from Broadway Shopping Centre, catch a bus on the way to King Street's Newtown and get off the stop at the uni.

Jess D Client

 I saw Niki for a remedial massage at the beginning of my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Niki is highly skilled and used an eastern influence in her treatment. She approached my massage with confidence and precision. Listening carefully to my concerns and filled in the gaps with her knowledge whist putting me at ease with her calming manner. She used a wide range of techniques appropriate to the condition she was treating with her understanding of soft tissue and body mechanics. It was the best massage I’ve had during my pregnancy due to her efficiency to address my many areas of concern whilst ensuring my comfort throughout. Thank you Niki, I would highly recommend you to anyone!

Trillian K Client