Your friends say you should come to us!

Recently we offered to some of our favourite members that if they send a friend in this month, the friend will get 10% off the full price of their initial massage or chiropractic appointment PLUS an entry into our free massage prize this month.


Here's the thing... it looks like that's you!

So congratulations, you're not just a good friend, you are potentially about to become a healthier friend too!

The next thing is to book in and find out what we can do for you. If you're training hard, overworking at the desk or wanting a stress reliever then our remedial massage could work out well for you. If you are more symptomatic with headaches or pain, poor posture or sports injuries then a check up with our chiropractor is a good choice.

Get started by clicking the "TAKE ACTION!" link below to our page for booking, filling in forms and if you want to pay for your 10% off use the code "friends10" in the PAY page.

Massage prize is drawn at the start of next month for a prize of one $65 massage to be used by the following month (approximately 2 month expiry) and it is not convertible for cash or transferable.