World Spine Day 2019

Today is World Spine Day!

The spine is the backbone of your body but because it's not the first thing you see and it's hidden beneath the skin most people don't value it anywhere near as much as they should.

Why would there be a Day for the spine?

Unfortunately there has been a 50% increase in back pain over the last 30 years to affect 1 in 4 adults, an estimated 1 billion people suffer back pain (of all ages) and back pain is the single biggest cause for disability in the world.

When so much can go wrong because of your back, what will you do to get it right? We of course are in the front line to help people recover from back pain and increase their physical performance. Chiropractors are experts in achieving and maintaining spinal health but massage, exercise, healthy weight and good ergonomics are also essential to make your back and asset rather than a liability.

See more details about World Spine Day and book in with our chiropractors and remedial massage therapists to improve your spinal health in a safe and effective way.

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